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Contact Us

We are always open to hearing both positive and constructive thoughts on the North Marion Youth Athletics program. Please use this form to reach out and let us know your concerns, questions, and comments.

For general inquiries please email the President at

Incidents that occur during a game, practice or athletic contest related to North Marion Youth Athletics that violate the NMYA Code of Conduct can be reported by clicking the Complaint Form button below.


Please consider the following steps before filing a complaint:

1. Have a discussion with the person, there may be other factors at play you are unaware of.

2. If a discussion with the person does not show results or seems unsatisfactory, consider discussing the issue with the appropriate person in charge. See the following examples:

             A. Problem with a coach, next person to contact is the sport coordinator

             B. Problem with a sport coordinator, next point of contact is a Board member

             C. Problem with a board member, next point of contact is the rest of the Board

3. If you have tried all of the above and still feel like the issue needs addressed or changed, please fill out this form.

Get in Touch

To be added to the next Coordinator/NMYA Meeting agenda please fill out this form with a brief description of what you'd like to discuss.

Those not on the agenda will not be guaranteed a time slot to address the Coordinators and Board.

Thanks for submitting!

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