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North Marion Youth Athletics CODE OF CONDUCT




SPORTSMANSHIP – North Marion Youth Athletics' goal is to have players learn the game while demonstrating great sportsmanship, putting forth a positive attitude while having fun.  The fundamental values of a good sportsman are respect, fairness and honesty.  All athletes, coaches, parents, team spectators, officials and all others should adhere to the values of good sportsmanship.



All players, parents/guardians and their accompanying spectators are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that represents the North Marion community in a positive way.  It is required that all those attending an NMYA sporting event display good sportsmanship and show respect towards players, spectators, coaches and facilities of both North Marion and opponents.

Any player or parent/guardian displaying unsportsmanlike conduct towards coaches, officials, teammates or opponents will be suspended or ejected from the game by the coach, coordinator or board member of North Marion Youth Athletics.  Parents/guardians and appropriate sports coordinator will be notified by the person(s) suspending or ejecting a player.  Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include but are not limited to: throwing equipment or other items in anger, swearing or using other abusive language, arguing or otherwise showing disrespect to officials, coaching staff, opponents and teammates, vandalism, harassment or any inappropriate behavior. 


  1. I understand we are all role models – Players, parents, guardians and team spectators.

  2. My child and I will bring a great attitude of support for the athletes, team and the coaches.

  3. My child and I will have respect and not harass the NMYA Board, Coordinators, coaching staff, opponents and or officials at any time.

  4. My child and I will accept with grace both team victory and defeat.

  5. My child and I will let the coach’s coach and support their efforts.

  6. My child and I will exercise self-control by being respectful and supportive of the coaching staff, especially in front of the players/children.

  7. As the parent or guardian of the participant/player, I understand NMYA, through its Board of Directors or appointed representative have the authority to discipline any participant, defined as player, coach, assistant coach, coaching staff, parent or guardian for behavior which is contrary to the objective/principles (including rules of fair play) as outlined in the Policy of Conduct and Coaches Code of conduct signed by all participants upon participation.  If I feel the coach and.or official acted unfairly, I will communicate with the proper sports coordinator.

  8.  I  understand any NMYA participant displaying unsportsmanlike conduct shall be disciplined as outlined below under DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS.

CONDUCT FOR COACHES – Any coach displaying unsportsmanlike conduct to other coaches, officials, players or opponents will be suspended or ejected from the game.   Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include but not limited to:  throwing equipment or other items in anger, swearing or using other abusive language, arguing or otherwise showing disrespect to officials, coaching staff, opponents and teammates, vandalism, harassment or any inappropriate behavior. 

  1. Coaches are responsible for ensuring their team’s parents/guardians and spectators are adhering to the NMYA Code of Conduct, as well as handling situations on the playing field and on the bench.  If there are continued problems with parents/guardians in regards to conduct, including the above-mentioned examples of unsportsmanlike behavior, the parent/guardian and the child/player will be expelled from the program.

  2. I understand and agree that NMYA's goal is to provide athletics for the youth in the North Marion area and to build valuable life skills for the players through practice and games.

  3. I have read and understand the NMYA Board of Directors Coach and Parent Communication SOP.

  4. I have read and understand the NMYA Board of Directors Coach and Athlete Communication-Contact SOP.

  5. I agree to attend all mandatory coaches meetings and/or clinics offered by NMYA or North Marion schools.  I understand if I do not attend the mandatory meetings and/or clinics the NMYA Board of Directors may replace my position with another volunteer.

  6. I have read and understand the program Rules of play that I'm coaching. 

  7. I will encourage safe, competitive, fair play and reward improvement and effort, regardless of skill and regardless of the outcome of any game.

  8. I agree to understand and abide by the bylaws, rules and policies of NMYA

  9. I agree to provide a fun learning environment for all players.

  10.  I agree to not leave practices or games until all players have been picked up by a parent/guardian. 

  11. I agree to mitigate any situation where I am alone with a player in a non-public setting.  If such an occurrence arises, I will communicate the event with my coordinator.

  12. I understand practice time is coach’s time and game time is player’s time.

  13. I understand that official decisions by the referees should be accepted without animosity or anger no matter how unfair they may seem.  I further understand that the use of negative behavior, whether verbal or physical, which is intimidating towards a referee is grounds for immediate dismissal of any and all coaching positions.

  14. I understand that an official may order a coach, player, parent/guardian and or team spectator to leave the premises (to include parking lot) at which a sporting event is taking place and at which the official is officiating. 

  15. I will instruct all players, parents/guardians and team spectators in proper behavior at all games and practices.  If the official takes steps to control the behavior of the players, parents/guardians and or team spectators, I will support the referee and inform the misbehaving player(s) to sit the bench or the misbehaving parent/guardian(s) and team spectator(s) to wait in their car until the game or practice is over.

  16. I agree to collect and return all NMYA equipment, including first aid kits, issued to me for use during our sport season.  If I do not return all equipment, including first aid kits, I may be asked to replace those items missing at full retail value.

  17. I will not smoke, use tobacco, alcohol or drugs during any practices or games, regardless of location.  I understand that North Marion School District has a NO tobacco, alcohol and pets policy on school property.



  1. 8.1 WARNING: When registering to play any and all NMYA programs you acknowledge and agree to abide by the Policy of Conduct for Players, Parents and Guardians. This is considered your warning as you have read our Policy of Conduct.

  2. 8.2 FIRST INCIDENT: The offender will be suspended from participating for a minimum of one practice and one game, with no refund.

  3. 8.3 SECOND INCIDENT: The offender will be suspended from all NMYA programs for up to one (1) year, with no refund.

  4. 8.4 THIRD INCIDENT: The offender will be suspended up to life from ALL NMYA programs, with no refund.

  5. 8.5 FIGHTING OFFENSE:  The offender will be suspended for life from ALL NMYA programs, with no refund.


As a  Coach, Assistant Coach, player, parent, or guardian, I understand NMYA, through its Board of Directors or appointed representative, have the authority to increase the severity of the penalty if the situation is warranted.

NMYA Social Media Policy for Volunteers, Coaches, Coordinators and Board Members


North Marion Youth Athletics (NMYA) recognizes the role social media plays in modern communication. As such, we respect the right of our members to use social networks for self-publishing and self-expression while adhering to our organizational guidelines.

As a NMYA representative, your commentary is not only a direct reflection of you personally but also our brand. Commentary that is considered defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous by any offended party could subject you to personal liability and damage NMYA reputation. Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever.

We do not distinguish between “personal time” and “work hours” usage, or personal devices and organization-provided equipment. You are always a representative of NMYA, regardless of how or when you are posting on social media.


  • Engaging with and sharing content posted by NMYA-branded accounts is encouraged and appreciated!

  • Engaging personally with NMYA stakeholders (donors, volunteers, board members, sponsors, vendors, etc.) is encouraged and appreciated!

  • Representing yourself as a NMYA participant, up to and including the use of our logos and branding, on your personal profiles is encouraged and appreciated!


  • Harassing, threatening, discriminating against, or disparaging any individuals through social media will not be tolerated.  This includes: Negatively targeting North Marion (school or YA) individuals, staff, volunteers or North Marion (school, community or YA) social media pages. 

  • Sharing any organization-privileged information, including copyrighted information or organization-issued documents, through social media will not be tolerated.

  • Sharing photographs of other members, clients, vendors, suppliers without their permission through social media is prohibited.

  • Have a problem during NMYA sports, events, or activities? Bring it to the board and/or the NMYA President.  It’s also acceptable to work it out in person. Airing your personal grievances on social media rarely leads to positive outcomes.


You are to contact the NMYA President immediately if contacted by the media or press about any post that relates to NMYA business.

If you become aware of any violations of this policy, you should report the violation to the board.

Nothing in this policy is intended to create a contract of employment or for the provision of any benefit, and this policy does not in any way alter the “volunteer” nature of employment with our organization.

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